Are you a candidate for our Pelvic Health program?

Woman with hands holding her crotch close up. Gynecology, period, female healthcare, digestive system, Urinary Tract Infections

These questions are not intended to diagnosis pelvic conditions, but if you answer “yes” to one or more of the questions, you should make an appointment to discuss your symptoms with your provider.

  • Have you had three or more vaginal deliveries? (yes or no)
  • Did your deliveries involve forceps or severe tearing? (yes or no)
  • Are incontinence or pelvic conditions a part of your family history? (yes or no)
  • Have you had a hysterectomy? (yes or no)
  • Are you post-menopausal? (yes or no)
  • Do you have recurrent or unresolved low back, pelvic, or lower abdominal pain? (yes or no)
  • Do you ever accidentally leak urine, feces, or gas? (yes or no)
  • Do you have pain with urination or bowel movements? (yes or no)
  • Do you get out of bed to urinate more than once during the night? (yes or no)
  • Do you feel like something might “fall out” of your vagina when sitting on the toilet and using the bathroom? (yes or no)
  • Are your bladder or bowel issues causing you to feel nervous, frustrated, or depressed? (yes or no)
  • Do you have lower abdominal or pelvic pain during or following sexual activity? (yes or no)
  • Do you have little or no interest in sex? (yes or no)

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you can make an appointment with a Henry County Medical Center physician or request more information below.

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